Doranne van der Heijden:

I started as a visual artist in 2016 and developed myself by visiting art academies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

My interest lies in conceptual ideas that seek their own material and visual language. I explore my identity as a woman, mother, daughter, granddaughter and artist through collections of objects, photographs, craft techniques or language. My work is about identity, social roles, motherly love, mother-daughter relationships, man-wife relationship, seen from myself in relation to society. It is also about memory, values, norms, time, temporality and the passage of time.

I try to make a link between craft, art and society, sometimes with a scientific touch. You could say that my entire oeuvre is a self-portrait, the independent self-portrait regularly appears as a subject.

I use materials and objects that come my way and therefore work from series or collections. I try to keep my footprint in this world as small as possible and use existing second-hand materials.

My goal is to make something intangible visible from material, whatever emotion, vision or insight that may be. I want to create self-contained work, its own world, but connected to my questions about life in this world and society. Art is the healing process that allows me to release emotions. Humor is not a specific goal, but a bonus if it turns out to be in the work.