Doranne van der Heijden (1966) has been a visual artist since 2016. Started as an autodidact, with painting as a hobby, she has developed further in recent years by attending art academies in both the Netherlands and Belgium. During its development, painting has moved more into the background and has given way to more creative conceptual ideas that seek their own material and imagery.

Doranne van der Heijden's work is characterized by clear visual language with an eye for shapes, framing, patterns and rhythm. A unique way of looking at life and the world is created with an eye for detail, creativity, originality and atmosphere. This fascination for simple objects, shapes, patterns, repetitions and detailing runs like a thread through her work. She finds inspiration for her work from within, in everyday rituals that she encounters daily on her path as an artist, wife and mother.

She finds it interesting to be able to develop new skills during her quest, to delve into methods and materials that are new to her. She also enjoys craft work, but also meditative repetitive actions, such as weaving, cutting, sewing and gilding. Finally, she regularly works on photo series, from which a new autonomous work can arise.